Why Generic Guitar Teaching Methods Suck

Why Generic Guitar Teaching Methods SuckWhy Generic Guitar Teaching Methods Suck And How To Turn Your Guitar Students Into Awesome Musicians Fast

A lot of guitar teachers use generic guitar method books or courses to teach their students. Unless you teach exclusively beginner students, you will come across the following problems using this kind of approach in your guitar teaching:

1. You will not be able to help your students make fast progress in their guitar playing. The majority of popular guitar teaching approaches were made only to teach musical topics, NOT to help your guitar students achieve specific goals. (Almost no great guitarists became great using these kinds of books.)

2. Your students become very unmotivated once they see that what you are teaching them is no in line with their personal guitar playing goals.

3. When the problems from points 1 and 2 apply, you will not be able to keep guitar students from quitting.

4. You will have a difficult time getting new guitar students because you are not offering anything that is unique

Ten Songs That Make the Perfect Soundtrack For Your Retirement

Ten Songs That Make the Perfect Soundtrack For Your RetirementI recently joined the world of retired folks, and I can definitely say that it beats working. Obviously I cannot speak for everyone, but having to rise at 5:00 every morning to face six classes of thirty high school students really took its toll.

Retirement has certainly been a welcome change after thirty years as an English teacher. The free time has allowed me to indulge in one of my favorite obsessions, which is music.

During my zealous listening over the past few months, I have experienced a new appreciation for songs that speak directly to retirees. Here are ten of those songs that should be appreciated by all those who have retired from a long career of working.

“Watching the Wheels” by John Lennon

The genius behind the best songs of The Beatles reflects on his retirement from the music world on this solo track from the Double Fantasy album, which ironically marked a return to the business shortly before he was assassinated.

“Idle By”

10 Relaxing Rock Songs

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Panic stricken? Dead tired? Extremely anxious? Having difficulty sleeping? Head is swimming? No peace inside? Want an out? Listen to music!

Music is considered to be an essential measure for relaxation. Many therapists use music as treatment. Mostly classical music is the prescribed medicine, but that doesn’t need to be a necessity.

Below are 10 songs by rock bands and artists which have an intensely soothing effect on the nerves and will make you feel at peace.

1. Imagine – John Lennon

Much doesn’t need to be said about what this song does to the listener. Live in Utopia for a while, and you’ll get what is desired by all (and what John philosophized) – peace!

2. Perfect Day – Lou Reed

A lazy, melodious track. It may have been written about heroin, but that doesn’t mean it cannot work wonders for the sane mind. When facing problems or overwhelmed, just slow down. Give it some time and let it go. Escape for a while!

3. Big D’s Touch –

Musical Scales Weighed Up

Our familiar Major scale derives from the Ionian mode which was the original Greek form of the scale (scale comes from the Italian word Scala meaning a ladder).

In major scales the semi-tones (half-tones or half-steps) fall between the 3rd and 4th degrees and the 7th and 8th (marked on the illustration with brackets.

C major has no sharps or flats in the key signature as does its ‘relative’ A minor – The minor scale is actually derived from the Aeolian and Dorian forms.

  • Now just using the notes of the C major scale if we start on C we would have the Ionian mode
  • If we began on D (C major scale) we have the Dorian Mode
  • beginning on E we have the Phrygian mode
  • moving from F we get the Lydian mode
  • from the note G begins the Mixolydian mode
  • starting at A we have the Aeolian mode
  • and finally from B we have the Locrian mode

Each mode has its own character; for example, the Iolian is the same as a regular major scale and the Aeolian is identical to the ‘natural’ minor scale, (the minor scale without added accidentals).

The Phrygian mode is evocative

This Guitar Practice Process Fixes Your Guitar Playing Issues

The most effective way to improve your guitar playing is to solve playing problems while practicing. Simply playing through exercises again and again doesn’t help you improve. Correct guitar practice needs to help your playing feel easy while also making it sound good.

Here is the process to use to solve your guitar playing problems:

(Correctly) Isolate The Main Problem

When you struggle to play anything on guitar, stop and isolate the specific notes that are giving you problems. When you do this, your guitar practice gains the potential to be extremely effective. This also helps you by keeping you from wasting practice time on things that you can already play very well.

Amplify The Problem Area

As soon as you’ve properly isolated the issue that is giving you problems, you can make things infinitely easier for yourself by “amplifying” it. These are some basic ways to amplify any issue that gives you problems:

1. Continually repeat whatever is most difficult.

2. Move the difficult part to lower frets and play it there.

3. Use only up/down strokes to play the difficult part.

4. If the problem is

How To Improve Guitar Practice Effectiveness Using Circuit Training

Want to improve your guitar skills faster than ever while having fun with your guitar practice? Start using guitar practice that incorporates circuit training. What is circuit training? This is a type of training that combines various exercises together in a specific manner for a set amount of time.

Here is how circuit training will help you get much better results from your guitar practice:

1. It uses your time more efficiently. You work on improving various techniques in the time that most guitarists would only work on one. This helps your guitar playing improve at a faster rate.

2. It is enjoyable. Circuit training takes away the redundancy of repeating the same exact exercises over and over again.

3. It strengthens your guitar playing fluency. In order to use the skills you learn in actual music, you need to combine a variety of guitar techniques together. Circuit training is excellent for this.

4. It keeps your mind focused. It is easier to concentrate when you rotate through different exercises. This helps make your guitar practice time much more effective.

Here Is A Guitar Practice Training Circuit Example:


Music Career

There’s no denying that everybody enjoys music. Whatever country you’re from and anywhere you are at the moment, you simply appreciate what music has brought to this world. Some are talented enough to land music careers nationally or internationally and some are lucky enough to enjoy a fruitful music career after being discovered by agents from music industries. While carving out a music career can take up time and a whole new dimension of dedication to your craft, many musicians enjoyed the process and achieved significant results from it.

There are a few ways to go when you decide to take up a career in music. Independent musicians are currently exploiting all the possibilities they could find in order to get a shot of being signed by music companies. If you’re a music artist, you should also explore all the angles so you can start carving out your own music career.

Quality work of music – You need to record your own craft with quality audio, instruments, background music, etc. Music companies are always on the lookout for the next great artist. They always look for professionals as striking a deal with them can be much

How To License Your Music

Music is a big part of civilization. Centuries had passed but music survived and even grew to greater heights every single decade. As a matter of fact, the demand of music has been rising very steadily in the past 10 years and it will continue that way in the foreseeable future. It comes along with the big amount of revenue the music industry is currently getting year after year. It is an unstoppable force as people always look up for the next great artist around the corner, thus continuing the cycle and the relevance of music. The demand of music content is at an all time high. The global music revenue since the turn of the century has been steady. The currency is measured in billions.

As the technology grew, music got more technical, complex and in demand. Others take credit for using music they don’t own. Nowadays, independent musicians are well aware of protecting their work for legal purposes. Through music licensing, you can be ensured of your asset/work being protected legally.

What is music licensing? Music licensing is the licensed used for copyrighted music. This allows the owner of the music to maintain the

7 Types and Roles of Music Producers in the Industry

A music producer is someone who is responsible for the development, recording, engineering and overall management of music. Being similar to a film director in nature, a producer is responsible for big things like studio production to small things like proper functionality of the sound board and other musical instruments. In short, a producer has to make sure that every detail is aligned with the desired outcome of the music produced. Let’s explore different types of producers we have in business and their respective roles.

  1. The Engineer

An engineer is responsible for technical aspects of music production like compression settings, drum sounds, etc. The studio itself is an instrument to an engineer and he is hands on with all minor and major technical details. Engineers are known to spend late hours in night in order to create the perfect musical masterpiece.

  1. The Mentor

A mentor does not necessarily have the technical expertise an engineer may possess. The difference between a mentor and an engineer is the same as a soccer player and his coach. The player is instilled with the required technique to score and win. But the coach has the correct

ScienceProven Benefits Of Listening To Music

You will certainly be in great company if you love listening to music. Various studies have shown that this will help improve your mental well-being as well as boost your physical health in astonishing and surprising ways. In fact, it has been said that musical training can help increase one’s IQ and even keep your memory sharp in old age.

Great Health Benefits Of Music

Makes you happy – If you listen to the music you like, your brain will release the “feel-good” neurotransmitter. In turn, this will cause you to feel emotions such as excitement, joy, and happiness. So if you need an emotional boost, consider listening to your favourite tunes for about 15 minutes.

Boost your running performance – It was discovered that runners who constantly listen to music, most especially the fast or slow motivational ones, have completed the first 800 meters of their run faster as compared to those who listened to calm music or those who don’t listen to music. So if you want to take your running up a notch, you need to listen to songs which inspire you.

Lowers stress – Levels of the stress hormone in

In the Court of the Crimson King

In the Court of the Crimson King” is the debut album of King Crimson, an iconic British progressive act with a cult following. In 1969, a talented group of musicians came together to make this album. They were Greg Lake (bass, vocals), Michael Giles (drums), Ian McDonald (keyboards, woodwind, vibes), and Robert Fripp (guitar). Incidentally, Robert Fripp is the only consistent member in the band. Peter Sinfield assisted with the lyrics, and Barry Godber designed the blood-curdling album cover (depicting the Schizoid Man). The album, a masterpiece, is considered to be seminal to the progressive rock genre, and draws influences from jazz, symphonic and classical music. As a whole, it is astonishingly brilliant. It is thought provoking. It touches on dark topics which are in front of everyone’s eyes, but isn’t visible. The music is unworldly. The album delivers the unexpected with such flair that one wonders what one was exposed to.

The opening track, ’21st Century Schizoid Man’ is like being hit by a moving brick wall. It is an apocalyptic climax at the very beginning. Chaotic to the core, the music is a unified confusion of a colossal riff, a howling saxophone, a wild

Songs About Fictional Actresses

Baby Boomers have celebrated anniversaries of their favorite sitcoms, often spending hundreds of dollars on DVD collections and memorabilia. Now, many of the series can be found on the web on sites such as Hulu, Vudu and Crackle.

Some of the classics, like MASH or All in the Family or Happy Days, deserve all the love they continue to receive from Boomers. Other shows leave me wondering how they endure in the hearts of my generation.

Conversely, there are enjoyable sitcoms that for some reason have been forgotten by all but a few of us enthusiasts. One of these underrated series will celebrate its fiftieth birthday in a few months.

That Girl, starring Marlo Thomas, first aired in 1966. The show was ahead of its time in a way, because of its feminist situation.

Thomas played Ann Marie, an aspiring actress who lived alone in New York. Not only was she the first female character to live independently, but Ann Marie was also the first fictional actress to be the center of a series.

Even today, few shows feature characters who aspire to the stage. Kelly Bundy from Married With Children, who

Brief History of Pink Floyd

“Open your heart. I’m coming home.”
– Hey You, The Wall, Pink Floyd

That line precisely describes what Pink Floyd tells its listeners. Pioneers of psychedelic and progressive rock, this enigmatic band introduced the world to a new realm of consciousness – The Subconscious. With an array of experimental and innovative compositions, combined with profound lyrics and an arsenal of weird sounds and noises, the band created music that reached far and wide and touched millions at the very core- the inner self and the heart.

Pink Floyd, initially consisting of Syd Barrett (lead vocals and lead guitars), Roger Waters (bass), Richard Wright (keyboards) and Nick Mason (drums), broke the underground music scene in London with their avant-garde music and live light shows. Barrett, “a mad genius” as Waters put it, was the visionary leader of the group. His out of the world, spacey guitar playing at the backdrop of melodic, trippy soundscapes brought psychedelic music from cult status to worldwide fame. They found recognition with their debut album, ‘The Piper At the Gates of Dawn’ (1967) as is evident by the brilliant and astral “Interstellar Overdrive”. Barrett’s heavy use of hallucinogens affected his already

Fifteen Hit Songs With One Word Titles Ending With the Letter O

A category on an episode of Weekend Jeopardy from Saturday, April 22 centered on words that ended with the letter O. I cannot recollect exactly how I fared on those particular answers, mainly because I was thinking of a somewhat related topic.

My mind spent the rest of that game coming up with one word song titles that end with the letter O. Here are the fifteen most popular ones I ended up with.

“Bracero” by Phil Ochs

This paean to the Latin American migrant workers showcases the folk singer’s ability to point out social injustices in addition to the wars he so despised.

“Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Neil Young wrote this classic not long after four students wee gunned down by the National Guard at Kent State University.

“Chicago” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

This anthem is another anti-war song from the late sixties.

“Hello” by Lionel Richie

The video concept for the song seems a little dated now thirty years later, but the ex-Commodore certainly proved he could make enjoyable singles as a solo artist.

“Hostage-O” by Warren Zevon

The artist

Ten Title Tracks That Do Not Live Up To the Rest of the Songs On The Album

David Bowie and Glenn Frey, who both passed away in January, had more in common than just musical talent. Based on the success of their best-selling albums, they also had a knack for making titles for hit songs.

Each of the albums made by Frey’s band, the Eagles, was titled after the song that became its biggest hit. In 1975 they made Desperado, which charted as a single and an album. They had a similar fate with its follow up, One of These Nights. Their biggest album Hotel California came next, spawning the classic hit with the same name. The band’s last album before a ten year hiatus, The Long Run, had the same pattern.

Bowie experienced a similar trend with his albums. Starting with Space Oddity back in the early seventies, the title tracks always became the best hits from the albums. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars charted both as an LP and an individual song, as was the case with Young Americans and Let’s Dance.

The two late rockers are certainly not the only ones whose title songs are the best from their albums. In fact, it is actually rare

Ten Classic Hits About Criminals On the Run

The revival of vinyl has not only allowed me to enjoy hearing some modern bands on record, but it has also given me the chance to revisit some of the albums I had not heard in several decades. Some of these I had overlooked in my youth, only to now find the appealing in middle age.

One example is a release by Gary Wright, who reached as high as number two on the singles chart back in the mid seventies. The album is Dream Weaver, which spawned singles like “Love Is Alive” and the title track.

While I had heard those two tracks occasionally on the local oldies station, several other tunes struck me when I spun it on the record player recently. I was particularly impressed by a song called “Can’t Find the Judge.”

The song, a bluesy endeavor unlike most of the synthesized based album, is unusual in its context. It is the pleading of a man to find the judge who sent his woman to prison.

Apparently she had committed a violent crime somehow in defense of the man singing the song. Before the time of that song, and really

Be True to Music and It Will Be True to You Forever

Music is a form of healing, a form of passion that comes from within. It is something which is beyond words and cannot be simply expressed. For someone who is away and does not understand music, it is difficult to understand the emotions that one goes through while listening to or playing it. But, there is more power in music than one can imagine. It has the ability to uplift you, ability to bring you down, it has the power to mold you for good as well as for bad and much more.

Now, for people who are musicians or aspire to be one, you should know that your passions are going to get you through. No matter what, the only thing that you need to stand by is the instrument that you love more than your life and it will pay you back.

What comes to your mind when you see the word MAGIC? For some, it is hypothetical while for some it is a strong message that something away from the ordinary is out there. However, both these approaches want you to work hard to achieve what you want. For person A who

Sing to the Tune of 10 Flowers

You love humming through the melody of top hits from various music genres. You can’t even contain yourself and start dancing with each beat. A song serenades a universal language. Similarly, flowers also speak to every soul. Both are very much alike in appeasing the human heart.

It is no wonder that composers incorporate “flowers” in their lyrics. Blossoms add love to every song. Most human beings find joy and satisfaction in singing. In this fast paced world, everybody wants a bit of euphoria in their lives.

Here are 10 latest songs that you can carry a tune whenever you feel like being one with nature, especially with flowers.

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

Lyric: Too young, too dumb to realize that I should’ve bought you flowers and held your hand.

Bruno Mars made a huge hit with this song as it pierces through the heart of every man. It speaks on behalf of those who took their loved ones for granted. The flowers here symbolize the guy’s regret for recognizing his girl’s worth when it’s already too late.

Clean by Taylor Swift

Lyric: The drought was

Music Composition Software

There are heaps of music composition software and programs on the market, but which should you use? Perhaps you’re a music composer who wants to move into digital music making or maybe you’re just beginning your music composition journey. Whatever your goals, this article will be of interest to you.

Notation Programs VS DAWs

Notation programs are software used to create sheet music. You would need to know how to read and write music to use it. DAWs or Digital Audio Workstations are stronger for producing professional sounding audio. The amount of sounds libraries, virtual instruments and effects are endless. DAWs have more powerful ways to manipulate notes and sounds than Notation programs.

How do I decide which type of program to choose?

Generally, if you want to create great sounding audio, use a DAW. Alternatively, if you want to compose for live instruments, an orchestra, choir and won’t need to record your tracks in a studio, plus you’re game in music notation, choose a notation program.

Best Notation Programs for Music Composition


Finale is the cream of the crop in music notation programs and is used professionally by

What Should Matter In A Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines can make family events and get-togethers very entertaining because they give family members or friends a chance to sing to their favorite tunes. The karaoke songs do not have accompaniment of artist voice and lyrics are projected on a screen for smooth singing. These machines are common in pubs and bars, but individuals also buy them for their home entertainment needs like in weddings and parties.

The machines are of different types including microphone karaoke machines, pocket, CD and all-in-one karaoke machines. When looking for a machine, you must consider your immediate needs and whether you are getting a home karaoke machine or one for your business so you can choose the right type. But besides type, there are important things you can never forget when buying a machine for whatever musical need you have. These are the features that will make your machine a good machine or a great machine.

Portability – Pocket and microphone machines tend to be most portable options that you have and they make best karaoke machine for kids. This is because the kids can easily carry them to their friends’ homes and parties to enjoy without demanding